First 1000 participants 

Don't miss the chance to win a limited level5   $AMONG Epic NFT!

1000 of unique AMONG NFT cards will be available in the first phase! 
all cards are redeemable for
$AMONG tokens!

NFT level rewards:

Level1 = 65000   $AMONG
Level2 = 120000  $AMONG
Level3 = 180000  $AMONG
Level4 = 250000  $AMONG
Level5 = 1000000 $AMONG

Mint price: 0.02 BNB

Mint your Unique NFT Card and send it to our address for guaranteed $AMONG Token rewards!

Token Reward address: 0x7683434e4014E5b85f3A468A1f727Cf7E9faA1AA